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Reservations and payment: Any reservation request must be made by the travel agency chosen by the client, by means of a written note in which the hotels, tours, circuits or any other required service are clearly and accurately detailed. The full names and passport numbers of all passengers must also be indicated. Once confirmed in writing, by the operator My Global Paradise S.A., the request, “The client ” shall pay the tour operator abroad, through the travel and travel agency My Global Paradise S.A., a deposit of twenty percent (20%) of the total price. The non-payment of this deposit implies the automatic annulment of the confirmed services. The balance shall be settled between ninety (90) and ten (10) days prior to the commencement of the provision of services, in accordance with the rules of each country and/or borrowers of the services abroad. It is exempted those events that by their typology are considered exceptional so they require more stringent payment policies. This will be duly clarified in the confirmation of the services. In the case of programs with payment in destination only will be charged by My Global Paradise S.A. the charge for services, whose total amount will not be able to exceed six percent (6%) of the value to be paid abroad. If it is produced by “The client” modifications or cancellation of the reservation, the operating cost will be charged. The documentation for the trip is uploaded to our website file enabled for “The Client “. When “The Client ” requires the documentation to be sent in physical and is domiciled in a city in the interior of the country, the documentation will be sent with payment to destination, the travel agency must add this cost to your service charge.

Reservation costs: All prices include the expenses that exist to make the reservations and get the answers. If it is produced by “The client ” modifications or cancellation of the reservation, the operating cost that has been generated up to that moment will be charged. In the case of special itineraries will be charged $25 per person and per destination included in the package or program, values that will increase from changes before proceeding to annulment.

Sale prices: All sales prices are published in dollars or Euros, dependent on the most used currency in the geographical area. In those countries, where the parity of the local currency fluctuate against the dollar or the Euro, prices are subject to adjustments of alterations between currency parities, or by increases in domestic prices. The air tariffs included in the programs that indicate this, are those in force at the time of the printing of the present manual, so that the increase or decreases will be produced after that, these are applied. The prices of the extensions of the tours are valid only to be sold in conjunction with the basic program. The validity of each price indicates the last day to return. Any exit that extends beyond the effective date may have supplement or discount on the price.

Single room Price: The price posted for single rooms is for a minimum of two people traveling together. When “The client” Travel only in a program, you must pay a surcharge for difference in the transfers and excursions that must be provided in private.

CPL for groups: The policy passengers released from payment is not uniform in all countries and is summarized as follows: South America and East: 1 gratuity for every 20 passengers paid; Europe: 1 gratuity for every 20 to 25 passengers paid; Central America, Mexico and the United States: 1 gratuity for every 25 passengers paid; Other destinations in the world: 1 free for every 25 passengers paid. Any additional gratuity shall be assessed among the other participants. For the calculation of gratuities, two minors count as an adult.

Programs include: a) accommodation in designated hotels or similar category and price, as confirmed prior to departure and as listed in vouchers or other travel documents that are delivered to  “Customer “; B. Housing taxes that are created at the time of the printing of the booklet or manual; c) The meals indicated in the text of the itinerary, always based on fixed menus, not on the menu; d) transfers, visits and excursions mentioned; The transportation of land, air or sea that is detailed; (f) Local and/or accompanying guide-where indicated-; G. Any other service expressly stated.

Airfare in packages: The air tickets included in the tourist packages are valid to travel on the dates for which they have been confirmed and which are indicated in their issuance. Once issued, air tickets may not be refundable in the event of non-travel on scheduled dates. Some airlines, at certain times of the year, authorize changes of dates before starting the trip, prior to payment of a penalty. In the case of arrears due to force majeure, the intervening airline acts in accordance with these rules, granting in lieu of the accommodation that the client no longer perceives outside, the meals and the necessary accommodation until he can transport him to his Destination.  “The client” must have insurance to cover the costs arising from any cancellation of flights due to climatological reasons.

Excursions and visits: Unless otherwise noted, excursions of all programs are provided based on regular services, in Van type cars, minibuses or Autopullman. The visits are panoramic and include the entrances to monuments or places of interest, when this is mentioned in the route. Regular excursions usually start and end at a central point within each city, due to the transfer of the client, on his own between the hotel in which he is staying and that point, both to the IDA and the return. In case of requiring the client private services, the corresponding supplement will be quoted according to the number of passengers participating.

Gratuities: Those programs that include gratuities to luggage in hotels and airports, have special mention. For groups, gratuities to trunks in hotels are included for 1 suitcase per person, unless otherwise indicated; not so at airports since most of them do not have this service for having replaced by carts. Tips to drivers and guides are not included and it is standard to give them when the service has been according to expectations. It is use and custom, before a good service, an amount of 4 dollars per person and per day for both the accompanying guide and the driver and 3 dollars for the local guides.

Change of itineraries and hotels: The organizer may, for reasons of force majeure (strike, climatic phenomena, terrorist acts, and unforeseen political events), fortuitous case or security, modify both the itinerary and the hotels by others of similar Category and comfort, as well as the timetable of departure of the trips, before communication to “the Client “. If a confirmed hotel registers oversold, “The Customer ” will be hosted in a hotel of similar or superior category.

Accommodation systems and Family PLAN: in Europe, South America and Japan The common thing is that hotels have one bed per person (except for marriages), with a maximum allowed of 3 people per room. In these establishments children under 12 years and older than 4 years, pay-except for a few exceptions-like an adult. In the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Far East (except Japan) and South Pacific, it is usual for hotels to have two double beds and to accommodate up to 4 people in existing bedding. In the case of marriages they usually provide rooms with a king size bed. Hotels that apply family plan, allow two children under 12 years of age to stay at no extra charge, with two adults in the same room, using existing bedding. If additional bed is required, the amount must be paid directly by “The client “to the hotel.

Aspects to highlight in the circuits: the programs whose tours are performed in Autopullman, minibus or van have special characteristics that are important to be known by the client: * hotels: In some cities, the hotels that are used, usually do not Be Central. This is due to the traffic limitations that exist for the buses not located in that city, and to the limited capacity of the central hotels. In cities that have a historic center, modern hotels, which are used for tourist circuits are mainly built in semi-centric or peripheral areas, always well connected by public transport to the central area. Also, to coincide the stay of the group in a city, with some great Congress, fair or event, in which hotels dump all their capacity at the same, the accommodation can take place in a nearby city. In the hotels of tourist category, tourist superior and first standard, there is a tendency to the reduction of personnel, which has led to the elimination of certain services; it is the clearest examples of the food service in the rooms and the luggage compartment. *Rooms: In Europe, given the small size, the triple rooms are not recommended as the third bed is usually an added cot, which occupies the space for luggage. Breakfast. In some hotels the buffet breakfast is served, which can be continental or European-type, without hot meals. In these cases those who wish to have an American buffet breakfast can choose, in each hotel, to pay the difference for breakfast in the lounge for businessmen who request this service. In other hotels there is only one type of breakfast that is the full buffet, including hot meals. * Transfers: They are included for the foreseen days of beginning and end of the programs. If “The client” Modifies these dates, the transfers are excluded, owing “The client “Transfer on his own account by train, taxi or on the tour buses enabled. This is because the operators, for the start and end days of the programs, establish an operation with regular frequencies to and from the airport. * Restaurants: The meals included in the different programs are always based on “fixed menu” Preset, not a la carte * Comments form: Several of the operators give a form to “the client” to formulate their opinions about the trip. Its return is important because it allows to take out a computer model of those aspects that need to be corrected in each program. * Changes of guides and buses: the strict rules of rest of the drivers, in force in the European Economic Community, preclude that the same equipment of driver-guide make a long circuit. This implies that “The client ” will travel, in most cases, with different buses, drivers and guides along a European circuit. * Stops: In the different stages between one city and another, approximately every two hours are made rest stops, in places with public baths. * Seat Rotation: Most operators use the rotary seating system, so that all passengers have a chance to sit on the front of the bus. * Space between rows of seats: Buses come from the factory with a standard size separation between rows of seats. For people of great stature (1.80 meters or more), they are usually uncomfortable for the legs. * Optional Excursions: The accompanying guide offers, on each circuit, optional excursions, which are “absolutely voluntary” and no person should feel pressured to take them. Our recommendation is to verify that the prices of the excursions offered are not superior to those advertised in the hotels. Nor do we recommend buying items in the business where they stop the tours as they tend to have higher prices. * Baggage handling in hotels: Unless otherwise indicated, gratuities are included for handling 1 suitcase per person in hotels, during the itinerary at Autopullman.

Some hotels, especially tourist category, top tourist and first standard, have reduced staff for these tasks, implying that there may be a delay of up to an hour for luggage to be taken to all rooms. * Handling of excess baggage: the capacity of the trunk of each bus allows the transportation of 1 large suitcase per person, plus a handbag. If the bus does not go full there may be capacity for additional suitcases in which case your transportation involved an additional cost, on average, of $5 per hotel, for luggage. *Punctuality: The departure times of the excursions must be handled with a great punctuality because otherwise it is not possible to develop all the programmed activities. The daily use time of the bus regulates the electronic tachometer and counts since the bus starts in the morning until stop at night and cannot exceed the 9 hours run. Those passengers who are not on time and in the right place are understood not to participate in the activities planned for that day. * Except for exceptions in northern Europe, the 4-star hotels are air-conditioned and most of the 3-star ones are also available. But this does not indicate that this service is always working. In Europe they only put it into operation in the months of the year when the law allows it or when they think it’s hot. The minimum temperature is usually higher than that used in America. * Special offers for early booking and special promotions, apply only for individual passengers, whose names are not changed and with a deposit of twenty-five percent of the total value of the tour. They don’t apply for groups.

Responsibilities: operator My Global Paradise S.A. , explicitly states that it acts as an intermediary between the client and the providers of tourist services, ie the companies or people called to facilitate the services indicated in the itineraries, therefore declines all Responsibility for any damage, injury, accident, delay, cancellations and irregularities that may occur during the execution of the services to persons who make the travel by intermediation, as well as the baggage and other objects that Containing Or as by bad climatic conditions, political manifestations, riots, terrorist acts, wars, rumors of war, alarms in general or for any other reason that constitutes fortuitous or of force majeure and that therefore, they are not subject to the will of the Parts. When the customer travels in any means of transport, it is advisable to submit expressly to the general conditions of the contract printed on the ticket or passage, without it can be attributed any responsibility to My Global Paradise S.A.

Acceptance: Any person who acquires any tourist service or product through My Global Paradise S.A. , RUC: , expressly states that it accepts the above terms and conditions and that they will be taken as a basis for settling any controversy between them. As proof of the acceptance of these general conditions, it will serve the payment of the services contracted before the commencement of the voyage in any form or modality or by means of the use of any portion of the services contracted.